The Boran breed is a type of the East African Short-horned Zebu originating in Ethiopia among the Borana people. In the early 20th century farmers in the Laikipia, Rift Valley and Machakos regions of Kenya adopted and improved this Zebu cattle for commercial ranching.
Boran cattle are known for their fertility, early maturation, hardiness, and docility.


The Ankole Longhorn breed is part of the Sanga family of African Cattle breeds, which originated over 2,000 years ago in Egypt.
Traditionally, Ankole Longhorn is considered sacred. Ankole Longhorn meat has very low fat and lower cholesterol than other commercial beef cattle.
The milk is about 10 percent fat. Some dairy farmers have used crossbred Ankole Longhorn cows in their herd to boost the butterfat levels. Our herds are raised on natural pasture that guarantees organic beef to consumers.


Sahiwal breed is a type of zebu cattle native to the sahiwal district of punjabi, Pakistan. The breed has demonstrated the ability to produce small fast growing calves and has been noted to be hardy under unfavorable climatic conditions.


Brown Swiss breed are descendants of the braunvieh breed which is a dual purpose cow. They are an ancient breed, with some historians reporting that their origins may go back as far as 4,000BC. They are the second highest milk producers, and come from the Alpine pastures in the north-eastern part of Switzerland.These cattle are fairly large and reach weights of about 600kg for cows and 900kg for bulls. They have demonstrated the following characteristics; Close protein/fat ratio, Quiet Temperament, Longevity, Strength & Hybrid Vigour.